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Just Completed - Before Adam by Jack London – something different from Jack London – science fiction (or fantasy?)  

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Tom’s Audio Books is a site devoted to providing links to absolutely free audio books – no strings attached. The short stories and books recorded by Tom are in the public domain and have been recorded as a volunteer of Librivox. From time to time, I will also recommend free audio books that I have listened to and enjoyed. The menu provides links to the Librivox and Project Gutenberg online catalogs with thousands of free audio and eBooks available for download. You can also listen to the books and radio shows online near the bottom of the selected page by simply clicking on a chapter or show to start the audio player.

Please select from My Recordings, My Recommendations, or Librivox from the menu to see what absolutely free audio is available and enjoy!

Do you have a favorite Librivox book you would like to recommend? You can now do that on Toms Audio Books.  Please visit the Your Recommendations menu item for details.


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