The Egyptian Cat Mystery by John Blaine

The Egyptian Cat Mystery by John Blaine

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Rick Brant and his friend Scotty travel to Egypt with a Spindrift expert to help with some radio astronomy scientists that are attempting to decipher and interpret some very odd signals that the telescopes are receiving. Before Rick and Scotty leave the United States for Egypt, an Egyptian man asks them to take a plastic figurine of a cat with them and deliver it to a man in Egypt. Thinking that it is nothing more than the simple delivery of a token, Rick and Scotty agree to deliver the item.

However, it quickly becomes evident there is far more to the situation than they originally believed. Villains chase, frisk, and eventually kidnap the boys as they try to steal the plastic cat. Rick and Scotty question why the cat is so valuable and determine not to give it up until they unravel the mystery.

Rick Brant is the central character in a series of 24 adventure and mystery novels by John Blaine, a pen name for Harold L. Goodwin. Goodwin was a popular science writer with a strong technical background and a sense of style unusual in the juvenile adventure-series field.

Written in the 1960s, Goodwin’s books have a real scientific tone for the time. The books are suspenseful, well-plotted, and enriched by humor, important characterization as well as personal experience, and exotic locations. All in all, a good fun listen for teens of all ages.

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