The Double Traitor


The Double Traitor by E. Phillips Oppenheim 

(Length: 7 hours, 13 minutes) 

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E. Phillips Oppenheim, an English novelist created well in excess of 100 novels and 30 plus collections of short stories. Most of his tales are thrillers and espionage. About The Double Traitor…

It is just prior to the outbreak of World War I. Germany is outwardly preparing for war but the ruling British government is pacifist and disbelieves that Germany has plans to attack any country. In fact, a vast German spy network flourishes in England, often in plain view. Our main character is Francis Norgate, an aspiring British diplomat stationed in Berlin. Norgate falls in disfavor with certain members of the German aristocracy for defending a woman’s honor while dining in Berlin. The scandal causes Norgate to be recalled to Britain. Norgate meets a German salesman, Herr Selingman, who claims to be a German crockery manufacturer. But, Selingman is not all he appears to be. During the train ride home, Norgate discovers certain facts about Germany and Herr Selingman but is unable to convince British authorities of Sellingman’s treachery. Disillusioned by the pacifist English government and the lack of cooperation, Norgate allows himself to be recruited as a German spy by Herr Selingman. What happens next is……but then I would spoil the story.

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