Troubled Waters by Bertrand W. Sinclair

Troubled Waters Audio Image


Time: 4  minutes  56 seconds

Joe Galloway has it all. A thriving, growing business. A beautiful wife named Norma. Life is good. His world comes crashing down when Norma tells him she is in love with another man one day. Joe tries to reason with Norma with no success. Finally, he gives up and heads out on the open road attempting to forget his sadness. Joe meets and goes to work for an old acquaintance at a logging camp. A chance rescue rekindles memories and a serendipitous encounter.

Bertrand W. Sinclair was a Canadian novelist known for a series of westerns in the United States and Canada. Troubled Waters appeared on October 20, 1915, in Popular Magazine and is one of over 60 stories and 11 novelettes that he wrote.

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