The Wishing Stone Stories by Thornton W. Burgess

The Wishing Stone Stories by Thornton W Burgess

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Time:  4 minutes 27 seconds

Chapter One Free

Time: 20 minutes 13 seconds

The Wishing Stone Stories are 12 of Thornton Burgess’ most beloved stories. 

Farmer Brown’s boy Tommy discovers an old gray stone in the pasture that magically transforms him into whatever animal he wishes to be. He shares adventures with Danny Meadow Mouse, Peter Rabbit, Old Mr. Toad, Paddy the Beaver, and others. Initially, Tommy believes that life for his furry friends is one big happy lark. He quickly learns that life can be difficult for Mother Nature’s furry creatures. Many are hunted as food by others in order to survive. It is the way of old Mother Nature.

As always, Thornton Burgess weaves each tale to include interesting nature lore, a touch of humor, good values, how animals live in the wild, and just enough danger to provide an exciting ending to each story. Each recorded story is about 25 minutes long.

Thornton W. Burgess was a conservationist and author of children’s stories. He loved the beauty of nature and its living creatures

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