The Scarlet Lake Mystery by John Blaine

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Rick and Scotty go to work on a project at an experimental rocket installation in Nevada at the request of Dr. John Gordon. Someone has been trying to sabotage the rocker launches and leaves pictures of a knight sticking a sword through a rocket. The person calls themselves The Earthman.

Gordon believes the boys can help discover who the Earthman is as they will be new to the projects. Rick works on the rockets as an electronics technician, while Scotty works in the maintenance areas. The characters include Mac and Pancho, who fall under immediate suspicion, and a stranger who calls himself Deadrock Ogg, who calls himself the Mayor and Sheriff of Steamboat, Nevada. Rick and Scotty discover that some scientists who work on the projects are a bit eccentric. High Adventure follows Rick wherever he goes; this book is no different. This time, however, Rick’s life is in danger.


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